Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Gold Mop'

Gold Mop Falsecypress

Form and Growth Characteristics:
Plant Type - Shrub
Growth Rate - Slow growth rate
Mature Height - 5' tall
Mature Width - 7' wide
Longevity -

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flower - Inconspicuous flowers.
Fruit - Inconspicuous fruits.
Leaf - Yellow, scale-like foliage.
Fall Color - Yellow-colored "evergreen"
Bark - Trunks of larger plants have exfoliating bark in thin reddish-brown strips, though not usually seen since plants are normally branched to the ground.
Other Features -
Possible Use - Used as a focal point specimen or a foundation shrub.
Season Of Interest -

Culture and Care:
Care Requirements - Full to part sun, in moist, well-drained soils. Adaptable. Zones 4-8.
Native Habitat - Native to Japan.
Diseases and Insects - Few disease or pest problems
Strength - Golden-yellow color stays that way even if plant is sited in full sun.
Weakness - Siting in full sun (thereby unprotected) makes it prone to winterburn.

Plants of this taxon:
Bed 165
Bed 181
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