Picea orientalis 'Skylands'

Skylands Oriental Spruce

Form and Growth Characteristics:
Plant Type - Tree
Growth Rate - Slow 1' or less per year
Mature Height - 50-60'
Mature Width - 15-20'
Longevity -

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flower - Monoecious, male flowers red
Fruit - Cone, ovoid-cylindrical, 2-4" long, 1" wide, brown at maturity
Leaf -
Fall Color - Evergreen
Bark - Brown, exfoliating in thin scales
Other Features - Excellent species for specimen use in smaller areas. Superior to all other Spruce in ornamental value. Highly underused species. This variety maintains golden needles that fade during the heat of summer, in hot climates provide some late afternoon shade.
Possible Use -
Season Of Interest -

Culture and Care:
Care Requirements - Tolerant of poor gravelly soils, highly adaptable.
Native Habitat - Caucasus Mountains, Asia Minor.
Diseases and Insects - Few if any insect or disease problems
Strength -
Weakness -

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