Betula x 'Avalzam'

Avalanche Birch, Avalzam Birch

Form and Growth Characteristics:
Plant Type - Tree
Growth Rate - Medium to Fast
Mature Height - 50'
Mature Width - 35'
Longevity - 100+ years. Have outlived other Birches with which they were planted in 1800's in Ohio.

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flower - Catkins, 2-4"
Fruit - Nutlets
Leaf -
Fall Color - Yellow
Bark - Tan when young, then adding pink tints, and gradually becoming white.
Other Features - Vigorous grower. Elegant. Catkins can be somewhat messy if placed near a patio/walk. Delicate leaves.
Possible Use -
Season Of Interest -

Culture and Care:
Care Requirements - Hardy to zone 5. Transplants well. Prefers acid soil but is adaptable. Will tolerate moist to wet soil. Requires little to no maintenance.
Native Habitat - Asia. Imported from Japan in the mid to late 1800's by Storrs & Harrison Nursery, Painesville, OH. Introduced by Lake County Nursery, Perry, OH.
Diseases and Insects - Good resistance to bronze birch borer
Strength -
Weakness -

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