Acer tegmentosum 'Joe Witt'

Joe Witt Manchurian Striped Maple

Form and Growth Characteristics:
Plant Type - Tree
Growth Rate -
Mature Height - 20-30 feet high
Mature Width -
Longevity -

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flower - Yellowish-green flowers hang in 3-4" long pendulous racemes
Fruit - 1.25 inch long samaras, wide angle/nearly horizontal.
Leaf - Opposite, simple, 3-5 lobed, 4-6" high and wide, pale to rich green above, paler underneath; margin finely and uniformly serrate; lateral lobes much smaller than terminal lobes
Fall Color - Leaves may turn golden-yellow in fall
Bark - Vertical white fissured pattern. This particular cultivar has a higher amount of white compared to the species.
Other Features - Oval to rounded growth habit; often short-lived due to disease.
Possible Use -
Season Of Interest -

Culture and Care:
Care Requirements - Morning sun or light shade in moist, well-drained soil
Native Habitat - Native to Manchuria, Korea, Russia
Diseases and Insects - Nectria canker magnet
Strength -
Weakness -

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