Betula pendula 'Youngii'

Young's Weeping Birch; European White Birch

Form and Growth Characteristics:
Plant Type - Tree
Growth Rate - 12" or less per year
Mature Height - 12-20'
Mature Width - 15-25'
Longevity -

Ornamental Characteristics:
Flower - Staminate, 1.5-3.3" long. Usually in 2's, sometimes singly or in 3's.
Fruit - Small nutlet, produced in 0.75-1.25" long by 0.33" wide, cylindrical catkins, shed in fall.
Leaf -
Fall Color - poor yellow or yellow green
Bark - Brownish in youth, changing to white on larger branches and with time developing black fissured areas.
Other Features - Branches are slender and perfectly pendulous, without a leading stem.
Possible Use -
Season Of Interest -

Culture and Care:
Care Requirements - Transplants readily in spring; does best in moist, well-drained, sandy or loamy soil but tolerates wet or dry soils; more pH tolerant than B. nigra; should be pruned in summer or fall as pruning in late winter or early spring causes excessive bleeding.
Native Habitat - Originated in England about 1873.
Diseases and Insects - None serious.
Strength -
Weakness -

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