Plant Information

A key part of the mission of Boone County Arboretum is to share information about plants – good and bad.

Our Plant Collection

Our entire collection of trees and shrubs has been inventoried and the records made available for searching via our Collection Search page. Using this feature, visitors can easily find a specific plant, whether by name or inventory identification number. The plants have also been mapped, and can be located using the printed map available in our on-site information kiosks, pdf download, and our interactive mapping system.

Decoding Botanic Names

Learning the botanic names of plants can be a struggle for many people. To help our visitors learn how to read and understand plant taxonomy and nomenclature, we've created this short guide.

Plants Behaving Badly

Sometimes landscape plants get out of control and "escape" (via seedlings) the area where they were originally intended. These invasive plants can spread aggressively and displace the native trees shrubs and wildflowers from the natural areas. Our website highlights some of the invasive plants, as well as other non-plant invasive species such as emerald ash borer.