Growing Forward with Friends of Boone County Arboretum

Friends of Boone County Arboretum has launched the "Growing Forward" fall/ winter gift-giving campaign to accomplish big-impact projects at the Arboretum during the spring/ summer; a different project each year.

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Field Trip Interaction

2018 project: Destination Signage

The Boone County Arboretum is an amazing educational resource and green space that should be shared with as many people throughout the region as possible. Yet a substantial percentage of the population is still unaware of its existence. We need to reach them.

Gifts to this year's "Growing Forward" campaign will be used to increase awareness of the Arboretum while increasing regional tourism. We would like to work with the Kentucky Transportation Department in 2018 to have large directional signs for the Arboretum placed along the interstates and state-maintained roads.

  • Interstate 71/75 has an estimated 150,000 vehicles that travel on it daily. If an exit sign for the Arboretum was added, countless additional families will become more aware of the Arboretum and its tourism capabilities.
  • Addition of tourism signage on interstates would provide an estimated 25% attendance increase to the Arboretum, as well as an increase in direct involvement such as volunteerism.
  • Tourism provides economic incentives on both state and local levels.
  • With an increase in awareness and organizational capacity, the Arboretum will be able to expand its leadership within the community, encourage participation in sustainable gardening, preserve and protect green spaces within the region, and demonstrate new opportunities for greening in the Tri-State Area.
  • Green spaces have been shown to provide health benefits including opportunities for physical activity, recovery from stress and attention fatigue, and facilitation of social contact.


Campaign Progress:

$6,985 Pledged      


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2018 Funding Goal

Our goal this year is $25,000. Of this, up to 4% ($1,000) will be designated to the Friends of Boone County Arboretum general endowment, where only generated interest will be used while the original deposits will remain as invested principle to provide ongoing growth of the endowment.


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Some companies will match charitable gifts made by their employees; contact your personnel office to see if they have such a policy.


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Previous Campaign Years

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