Redbud Plants

Cercis canadensis // Eastern Redbud

A lovely small, native understory tree with showy, lavender-pink spring flowers.
  • Cercis canadensis // Eastern Redbud
  • Cercis canadensis 'Appalachian Red' // Appalachian Red Redbud
    A very showy redbud tree with brighter, reddish-purple to neon, fuchsia-pink flowers.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Covey' // Lavender Twist® Weeping Redbud
    A beautiful, narrow, dwarf, umbrella-shaped, weeping redbud.
    -not currently in our collection-
  • Cercis canadensis 'Floating Clouds' // Floating Clouds Redbud
    A heat-tolerant, white-variegated leaf selection of redbud.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' // Forest Pansy Redbud
    Fabulous purple spring foliage, rosy-purple flowers and good fall color make this one a good choice.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' // Hearts of Gold Redbud
    A lighter flowered, fast growing redbud with golden yellow leaves often changing to green by August.
  • Cercis canadensis 'JN2' // The Rising Sun™ Redbud
    A redbud changing foliage colors from golden-orange to yellow to green, and then orange again in the fall.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Little Woody' // Little Woody Redbud
    An adaptable, dwarf, fruitless redbud with good pink/purple flowers and good fall color.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' // Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud
    A compact, weeping redbud with purple foliage in spring, turning yellow in the fall.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Silver Cloud' // Silver Cloud Redbud
    A full-size redbud with speckled, variegated green and white foliage.
  • Cercis canadensis 'Tennessee Pink' // Tennessee Pink Redbud
    A Redbud tree with true pink flowers, instead of the typical lavender/magenta/purple/pink color of the species.
  • Cercis canadensis var. alba // White Redbud
    A naturally-occurring, full-sized variety of redbud with showy, white flowers.

Cercis chinensis // Chinese Redbud

Cercis racemosa // Chain-flowered Redbud

A unique redbud with silvery-pink to rose/purple flowers in long racemes, resembling wisteria flowers, but may be damaged by cold winters in Zone 6.
  • Cercis racemosa // Chain-flowered Redbud

Cercis x //

  • Cercis x 'Merlot' // Merlot Redbud